EUMAG Series Electromagnetic Flowmeter

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Electromagnetic Flowmeter ( EUMAG )

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter works on the principle of electromagnetic induction where a EMF is generated in a moving conductor, when voltage is applied across it.
  • The resultant EMF is proportional to the velocity of moving conducting liquid.
  • EUMAG series electromagnetic flowmeters are available in variety of options
  • Suitable for line size 15 mm to 3000 mm NB
  • Higher sizes on request, special models for smaller line sizes 3 mm to 15 mm
  • Lining material: Rubber/Hard Rubber/PTFE /PU
  • Electrodes: Stainless steel /Hastalloy/Tantalum/Titanium/Monel
  • Integral or Remote Convertors
  • LCD/OLED display for instant and totalized flow, status indication
  • Minimum protection class IP65, IP66/68 (optional)
  • Accuracy: +/-0.5 % of the reading (higher accuracy on request)
  • Output: 4-20 mA/Pulse/Frequency
  • Communication: RS-485/Modbus/HART/GPS/GPRS/LORA
  • Power supply options: 230 V AC/24 V DC/ UPS /Solar Powered
  • Built in battery powered flowmeters (to be introduced shortly)
  • Built in surge protector (optional)
  • Assistance in installation/commissioning (optional)
  • Applications: Water/Pharma/Chemical/Fertilizers/Power/Petrochem/Refinery

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