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Other Flow Products


  • Vortex flowmeters are used for measurement of liquid, Gases & steam in process.
    The vortices are created in the flow stream by the sensor bluff body.
    Based on the frequency of vortex shedding the flow rate is calculated.
  • They are available from 15 mm to 300 mm size. Outputs such as 4-20 mA, Pulse, Rs-485 are available.

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    Sight Flow Indicators

  • They are the simplest methods used for indicating the presence of flow in the piping system.
    It is available in different types such as view Glass, Flapper or Rotary wheel.
    It is available in variety of materials and end connections of Flange or Screwed.
  • Used in all Process Industries for Liquids and Gases

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    Instrument Panels

    Eureka designs/fabricates/ builds Instrument Panels for Process Control application as per Customer requirement.
    It includes Instrument Skids, Analyzer Panels, Relay Panels etc.