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Orifice Plates & Flange Assemblies

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Orifice flowmeters

  • Orifice plate is installed between two flanges.
    The differential pressure created by orifice plate is sensed through pressure taps provided on the flanges.
    A suitable secondary instrument such as DP Transmitter or manometer is used to measure the differential pressure, using which flow rate can be calculated.
  • Orifice Flowmeters are available from 15 mm to 1000 mm size and in various materials of construction.
    Flanges are available in various pressure ratings.
  • Applications: Water/Pharma/Chemical/Fertilizers/Power/Petrochem/Refinery

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    Restriction Orifice Plates

  • Restriction orifice plates are used for creating a desired pressure loss in the system. When desired pressure loss is not achieved using a single plate, multi stage design is used. A single plate or multi stage design is considered based on factors such as level of noise, possibility of chocking and cavitation. In multistage design, number of plates are welded in a spool pipe, at each stage desired pressure loss is achieved.
  • Eureka offers all above products in different sizes and materials.
    It has a well-equipped set up with own Wet Calibration facility which is NABL approved. The work facility is also approved by IBR authority.
  • A dedicated team of technical experts take care of design, calculation and production activities.
  • Eureka flow elements are approved with major consultants and contractors.
  • Applications: Water/Pharma/Chemical/Fertilizers/Power/Petrochem/Refinery